Interview with Patrick from Maledicus

The book Maledicus: The investigative Paranormal Society Book I is a book about horror.  It is about a group of elderly gentlemen that form a paranormal investigative group.  This book is not only about horror.  It also about love, friendship, and brotherhood. I was able to do a character interview with Charles French who is the author of the first book in the series.  The character I interviewed  was Patrick who was a U.S. Marine Officer before he was paranormal investigator in the book.  The following is the dialogue of the character interview.  You can find a way to get your own copy of the Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I here:

Why did you join the Marine Corps?

I should begin by thanking you for taking the time to conduct this interview with me. My uncle Roosevelt, well, Rosy is what my brother Michael and I call him, enlisted in the Marines and served in the Vietnam War. We come from a, how do I say this, very wealthy family, and Uncle Rosy told us about the family’s intense dislike for his choice to serve. He was always the only member of our family whom we liked and respected. So when my twin and I graduated from college, we thought we should continue in the example he set for us. Of course, the family reaction was livid, but we simply laughed at them. We believed that people from our background should not avoid serving their country.  And we both admired the ethos of the Marine Corps.


Do you think ghosts are in a different realm so to speak or do you think that they are still in our world and that is why they can affect ours so much?

Prior to fighting in the Battle of Fallujah, I would not have believed in ghosts, but I have always had an open mind to all possibilities. Now, after a specific incident that occurred, I realized as Hamlet says to Horatio, “There are more things in heaven and earth than dreamt of in your philosophy,” that the existence of human beings does continue past death. I am convinced there is more around us than we can see.


Why did you decide to investigate paranormal activity?

Because of the incident that occurred, and because my Uncle Rosy told me about the organization he and his friends created. He asked if I would like to be part of it, and I told him I would be willing to help on occasion.

Do you think that a ghost could kill a living human being?

That is a very interesting question. I certainly know that the biggest danger to a person is another human being, but I would not put it out of the possible for a ghost or supernatural entity to be able to harm or kill another person. So, I would say, thinking about it further, that yes it is possible for a ghost to kill a person.


Do you ever have fear when investigating a ghost?

No, I haven’t. All of my fear is still focused on what I experienced in war.


Why do you think ghosts exist? What is their purpose in our world?

I am afraid that I cannot answer that. I can only speculate that some might be trapped in their environment, unable to move on, or perhaps they have a strong attachment to a person or place that they are reluctant to relinquish. It is even possible that they might have a specific purpose that they wish to carry out. But this is all speculation.

Thank you for being willing to talk with me.


Semper Fidelis!


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