Socrates Cafe

Hello everyone,

It has been awhile since I posted to my blog but life comes at you fast sometimes.  I thought I would do something a little more interactive with my followers and start a Socrates Cafe discussion.  If you do not know what a Socrates Cafe is I will explain.  This supposed to be an exchange of opinions and questions to pursue wisdom and knowledge from people of other backgrounds.  They way it works is I will ask a question and then someone will answer it.  The person that answered my question then must come up with follow-up question.  The question should relate to the original in some way but if it does not no big deal.  This is not intended to be an argument and politics will not be allowed on my posts or anywhere on this blog.  I am not trying to start a debate, but I am trying to have some fun and maybe learn something too.  I will start the cafe with a question.

What is a hero in today’s era?