The Battle of Iwo Jima


71 years to this day marks the Battle of Iwo Jima as part as “Operation Detachment”.  This was one of the bloodiest battles of WWII for the Allied Forces.  This was the Allies first attack on the Japanese homeland.  This island had an estimated 11-12 miles of tunnels and heavily fortified bunkers.  There were 21,000 Japanese soldiers of the Imperial Army stationed here and 19,000 of them died defending this Island.  The U.S. suffered about 6,800 deaths this day and the battle lasted 36 days.  The first objective for the U.S. Forces was to secure Mount Suribachi, the highest point of the island.  This is where the famous pictures of the flag being raised were taken.  The flag was raised twice, the second time for the ever so popular photograph.  The men that raised the flag were Michael Strank(USMC), Ira Hayes (USMC), Franklin Sousley (USMC), Rene Gagnon (USMC), Harlon Block (USMC), John Bradley (USN).  John Bradley was a Hospital Corpsman which is a combat medic that is attached to a Marine Corps. unit. The main objective was to secure the airfields on this island.  It was a bloody battle, never forgotten and hopefully never repeated.
-Semper Fi Marines



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